You don’t need the app to receive calls from Google Duo

Published on January 12, 2018

Google’s video calling application Duo has been spotted as carrying a new and rather unique feature. As pointed out by Gadgets 360, the latest feature will allow individuals who have the Duo application to make voice calls to those who may not necessarily have the application installed on their smartphones. 

Google Duo

This unique feature is expected to be made available for Android users only. The addition of this feature is perceived as Google’s effort of merging Duo with Play Services. Needless to say, this does not have an official confirmation as yet.

The feature was first spotted by a Reddit user with the name, ‘turd bogis.’ He commented on a thread, wherein he mentioned that the older Nexus 6P unit, without the Google video-calling application being installed, was showing up to consist of it on another device. The user further went on to note that he was able to make the call to Nexus 6P, without having to download the Duo application.

The Google Duo application usually consists of two lists – a list of smartphone users who consist of the Duo app on their handsets and the other group which do not have the Duo application on their smartphones. The second list would previously showcase an invite icon. However, the latest change provides individuals with the option of making the call with the individuals from the second list as well.

The user even went on to claim that the sudden rise in the number of users in the first list indicates that the feature is new. Additionally, the rise is also taking place because Google Duo has now become an Instant Application. “Duo will be a default calling service on all Android phones with Google services,” the user established. This feature has currently been spotted on Android phones. Additionally, it is only available for a few users on the contact list, reason for which is unknown.

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