This is why you don’t need an anti-virus software

Published on December 27, 2017

The most basic norm of owning and protecting your computer was to ensure that the Windows is protected by an anti-virus software. A good and reliable anti-virus software was considered as being essential to protect your computer and your personal data from outsiders.

The technology is advancing at a fast pace and it is no longer mandatory for one to spend money over an anti-virus software. Microsoft is continuously providing improved security updates for its Windows operating system, which is considered as being enough to ensure that the computer remains protected.

As noted by Tech Advisor, many might already be aware of this and are being ignorant: the Microsoft Windows operating system comes along with an anti-virus software already. The anti-virus software is called, “Windows Defender.” The Windows Defender software is launched as a part of the operating system for years now.

The Tech Advisor report even goes on to suggest that the latest iteration introduced as a part of the Windows 10 operating system is the strongest one yet. What most users end up doing is switching to Windows Defender as being their primary security software while also ensuring that they make optimum use of free anti-virus offerings by companies like AVG, Avast, and Bit Defender.

One of the bigger advantages of Windows Defender anti-virus software program is that it gets easily baked into Microsoft’s operating system. Users don’t ideally see a performance dip when the system is up and running in the background.

Moreover, it is known to provide a wider range of features in terms of protecting your system. Therefore, Windows Defender is considered to be a capable tool. This doesn’t however, mean that getting a dedicated anti-virus program is a total waste of money. If the requirement is urgent and you don’t mind shelling out some money then there is no harm ensuring added protection.

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