Digital Storm Equinox (2018): Slim and Powerful

Published on August 17, 2018

Built around some excellent components, Digital Storm Equinox is delivering an unparalleled performance. The light and compact laptop comes with tons of impressive features, along with the company’s support and hands-on testing.

Digital Storm has pioneered the domain of gaming desktops. It specializes in designing some exceptional custom gaming laptops. The compact-and-thin Equinox is 15.6 inches long and it is an extension of a P955ER gaming system which was launched by OEM/ODM PC Company.

Digital Storm adopted the gaming desktop and incorporated some high-tech features like NVMe state drives and 32GB memory storage. The company tested the system for its performance and stability and relaunched it. Furthermore, the company offers custom calibrated HD 144 Hz laptop display (on customer demand).

You can easily configure memory and storage of this laptop. The other components like Nvidia GeForce, Core processor, and Max Q graphics card comes fixed. There is no denying that Equinox has become the top-notch gaming laptop due to its component combo. The gaming performance is unbeatable as it functions well with the cracked setting. The system has an excellent graphics card.

The design comprises of enticing exterior and interior features. There is RGB island keyboard that illuminates and welcomes you using a comic-style font when you open the laptop. Moreover, there is a glossy and sleek company’s logo that protrudes from the left side, creating a high impact.

Equinox has multiple ports that include a power input, Mini Display input, secure lock port. The gaming laptop contains a pair of 3.0 USB ports. On the right side, there is a card-reader port with microphone and headphones ports.

Bottom Line

Overall, Equinox incorporates high-quality gaming graphics that sets it apart from its competitors. With 8 GB VRAM and powerful Nvidia GeForce, it offers you an incredible gaming experience. Thus, the gaming laptop has stunning features and makes an ideal option if you want to purchase an advance system.

Photo by: Digital Storm 

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