Destiny 2 riddled with yet another problem

Published on January 21, 2018

Destiny 2 has found itself to be right in the middle of endless controversies. Game developer Bungie has frequently been solving these problems and answering the questions that players have for them. It seems like the game has run into yet another problem, leading its players to become increasingly dissatisfied.

Destiny 2

According to a report published by Kotaku, Destiny 2’s Faction Rally has been leading players to feel a little off. Faction Rally is a regular event conducted during the game, which allows interested individuals to score a few extra points while being a part of one of the teams. One can collect tokens by participating in the various activities within the game.

Numerous players have been taking to the official Reddit platform to complain about something relating to Destiny 2’s Lost Sector treasures. “There’s cool down on lost sector faction tokens,” suggests one of the Reddit users. “Ran some lost sectors, fast traveled between 2 locations repeatedly untraveled and 5th runs I received no tokens,” another Reddit user posted. After discovering the problem, players began carrying out experiments while figuring out whether there is actually wrong with Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors.

After much persuasion, Bungie support representative posted on Reddit, “We’re aware of player reports about Lost Sectors not granting rewards. There was a throttle added to address an issue in the previous Faction Rallies where players were earning 500 Tokens per hour.

The patch note concerning this change has been updated to correctly state that all Lost Sector chests are subject to this throttle,” the post read. While, the game developer has acknowledged the problem, how long before the players actually get fed up of these consistent problems and give up? There’s clear restlessness among the Reddit community with regards to the recurring problems within Destiny 2.

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