Dell Alienware M17 Review

Published on January 9, 2019

2018 has possibly been one of the best years for technology, since the introduction of the first iPhone. With various smartphones bringing innovative ideas to the table, and laptops becoming thinner than the average notebooks, it was truly a good year for technology. Speaking of thin laptops, Dell has recently announced a new addition to their Alienware Lineup, with the world’s thinnest laptop to have a core i9 processor as well as a mobile version of the newest RTX graphics cards.

Dell Alienware is one of the pioneers in the gaming laptop industry and was one of the first companies to release a laptop marketed toward gamers. Alienware continues its history of bringing powerful and portable gaming laptops to its consumers, with its most recent announcement of the Alienware M17.

The Alienware M17 is your average big budget gaming laptop with over 1 Tb of storage space and up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. However, what differentiates this laptop from the rest of the competition is the addition of the immensely powerful core i9 processor and the most recent RTX lineup of graphic cards.

Other than the internals, the exterior of the laptop is very slick and features a slew of different functions that is unique to the Alienware laptop. The laptop comes with an anti glare 140 Hz display and Alienware FX lighting, which allows you to change the lighting of the keyboard, power button and the various other parts of the laptop.

Since the disaster that was the Macbook Pro 15 and its many throttling issues, people have somewhat become skeptical of thin laptops with demanding processors and graphic cards. That being said, Alienware features a magnesium alloy and copper chassis, which will be able to handle the heat that this absolute beast of a laptop will produce.

Final Thoughts

The Dell Alienware M17 is an absolute beast of a laptop that will be able to satisfy the needs of both hardcore gamers and people who use professional editing software. With its Core i9 processor, RTX line up of graphic cards, and a magnesium alloy chassis, you will have nothing short of the best performance.

Photo credit: Dell

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