Dell Alienware M17 Review

Published on June 21, 2019

The gaming industry is rapidly evolving, and so is the support for its performance. The latest Dell 15-inch Alienware m17 aims to provide a better gaming experience and is much more portable than Alienware m15.  The laptop is thinner, lighter, slicker, and sturdy.

Coming for $3500, the laptop is supported by high-end Nvidia’s TRX-20 graphics card that can be further overclocked to provide extreme graphics. The device runs on 17.3 inch IPS display and supports gaming in 4K resolution. Further, Dell has also kept the refresh rate at industry’s average as Alienware m17 can refresh its images at 60 Hz. The refresh rate is the number of times a display unit refreshes its images. The higher is the refresh rate; the better would be graphics quality.

Pros of Alienware M17

  • Can be heavily customized and upgraded
  • A lot lighter and portable than the predecessor
  • Best for high-end gaming with a fast refresh rate
  • 1 TB of built-in storage to store multiple games at the same time

The Cons

  • Slightly overprice in this configuration
  • Components not best suited for long hours of gaming on a 4K screen
  • Thin body means less ventilation and increases heat for the device
  • Poor battery life.

M17 is unavoidably thin and weighs 2.6 Kg and is less distinct than other laptops in the same series. It features multiple ports on its left and right along with a headset and Ethernet jack for wired connection. There is a Thunderbolt 3 Support with a mini display port connection along with HDMI port for exporting the images. Packed with Intel Core i9 8th Generation processor the laptop is a solid build for hardcore gamers and graphics designer.

As a final verdict, if you are looking for a portable gaming laptop with a decent battery life that can last longer in quality than Alienware m17 might be a perfect buy.

Photo credit: Dell

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