Creative Stage Sound Bar: Powerful and Affordable

Published on March 20, 2019

Creative Stage brings you an immensely powerful and affordable sound bar to enhance your viewing experience without breaking the bank. Creative Stage brings their many years of expertise in the field of audio to their Sound Bar, which comes with all of the latest features and provides you with immensely powerful and rich sound.

Equipped with built-in Bluetooth support as well as Aux support, Creative Stage’s Sound Bar enables plug and play, keeping the process of installing the speaker as easy and compatible as possible. These features compliment the remote that comes with the speaker and helps control the speaker.

The design for the sound bar is very sleek and low profile. Preferring functionality over style, the sound bar does not have many, if any, fancy aesthetics and features a very thin and slender look. While both the sound bar and the added subwoofer may be incredibly simple looking, what they lack in looks it more than makes up with its rich and crisp sound.

Moving onto the real reason why you would want a speaker, the sound. The sound bar comes equipped with high power 160w speakers that are fit for any room, regardless of the size. This 2.1 speaker system sports two mid range drivers that give the perfect balance between bass and treble, which doesn’t make it very high or very low.

The Creative Stage Sound Bar features dedicated audio presets for movies, music, concerts, and even gaming. All of these presets are present on your remote and are available at the press of a button. This makes them all the more accessible and not a hassle. Other than the ability to reduce and increase the volume on your speaker, Creative Stage also allows you to adjust the bass and treble on the remote.

In conclusion, while Creative Stage’s Sound Bar may lack in terms of looks, it more than makes up with its powerful sound, plethora of features, and immense control that it offers to users.

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