Creative Compositing With Masks in Photoshop04:33

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Published on December 12, 2017

Take your basic Photoshop skills to the next level! Having precise control over the amount and extent of what you do in Photoshop is key to making an image appear exactly as you want it to be. How much of the layer is visible, how much an adjustment affects the image and where — all this and more can be controlled with masks. Masks are not only a major factor in controlling all these components precisely, but they also work in a completely non-destructive manner, making all your changes reversible and endlessly adjustable. Join Andy Graber, instructor at Parsons School of Design and long time Photoshop expert, in a two hour event that will demonstrate how to use masks in the process of creating a composite image — a realistic looking photograph that is actually a combination of several images in one. Along the way, several other techniques, like retouching, effects, adjustments, and more will be covered. This event is targeted to intermediate level users of Photoshop, and assumes some knowledge of program basics. Come to B & H for this engaging event and leave with the knowledge and confidence to manipulate your photos like never before.

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