Confirmed! Apple bought Shazam for $400 million

Published on December 12, 2017

It’s around ten years since we people are enjoying Shazam in our smartphones. From one end it seems that what’s so unique in this app and this might not be necessary to keep it all the time in the phone, but on the second end, it happens to us that we listen to a tune of music and wants to know the name and details of that. Shazam is the one which helps at that time; the application identifies the song. The app also supports you in connecting to an online streaming platform from where you can listen and download that particular music.


You might feel surprised that Apple bought this music recognition application for around $400 million. The figures say in itself that Apple is so desperate in acquiring Shazam app. Let’s move back in the history of Shazam, how it was created and how it came to popularity.

It was 2002 when a British company started this service with which one can dial the call on 2580, and he needs to place the cellphone near to the source of music and Shazam responds with a text message containing the name of the artist and the title of the song.

Later in 2008, the company launched its application on newly created Apple App Store. The app started building revenue using music referrals. Shazam turned one of the most-downloaded apps, and people started enjoying the service.

Then it was the year 2016 when the total revenue generated from the application was holding 90% portion from iTunes. The revenue generation was by visitor diversion from Shazam to iTunes in search of the stream or download the song.

Currently, the app is serving traffic diversion to many online streaming service providers like iTunes, Google Play Music and many more. The key benefits of buying Shazam is that Apple will now be saving the commission which Shazam was charging them for traffic diversion. Apple can also use this app to shut down the traffic diversion to its rival companies like Google Play Music and others. This will block around a million traffic diversion to the Google’s online streaming platform.

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