Computer Guy Confessions #1: I don’t screw in VGA Connectors

Published on November 5, 2020

You know, those little, round, plastic ‘thumb-screw’ knobs on the side of a VGA connector? Yeah, those. I never screw them in.

There are two ways to make an ARM CPU.

VGA Connector

Have you ever tried to remove one of these things? It can be a total nightmare. Especially as a service technician doing this day in and day out.

The average customer’s computer, be it commercial or residential, is tucked away somewhere in between a garbage can and the back of the desk. Accompanying these often poorly placed machines is a rat’s nest of cables that are all too short and snake off into several different directions.

So, it can be very difficult to remove the computer if you cant even just one of those little knobs lose. These kind of things happen all the time:

VGA Connector

A Method to The Madness

So, to make it easier for the next guy, I snuggly secure the the D connector to the port and slide the computer back in place. That way, the possibility of facing a VGA cable screw nightmare is reduced to 0%. This, while only increasing the posibility that the cable comes upplugged accidentely by, in my experience, less than 2%.

VGA Connector

As you can see from the image above, this is definitely a problem. Those little screws are terrible and everyone knows it.

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