Como Detectar Tension y Cables Ocultos / How to Trace Electrical Wiring in a Wall04:33

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Published on January 26, 2017

Como detectar facilmente tension y la ubicación de un cable aunque este oculto en una pared, sin necesidad de contacto electrico con el.
Solo es necesaria una pinza amperometrica digital.
Especial para electricistas, gasistas, y toda persona que deba perforar o romper una pared y asi poder detectar previamente, por donde pasan los cables con tension.


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How to easily detect tension and location of a cable even though it is hidden on a wall, without the need for electrical contact with it.
Only a digital amperometric clamp is required.
Special for electricians, gas, and anyone who has to drill or break a wall and thus be able to detect previously, where they pass the cables with tension.


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