Claim your six months Netflix in just $99 if you own a Pixelbook or Chromebook

Published on December 3, 2017

If you own a Pixelbook or a Chromebook, then you can be lucky of getting your next six months subscription of Netflix for just $99. Google is very fond of serving its customers with discounts and offers as it offered Google Play Credit for Chromecast owners. Google has now launched a new offer for the people who own Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook, and Samsung Chromebook Pro.

One who is holding the devices mentioned above can avail his/her six months of Netflix subscription for just a price of $99 which means you are getting your Netflix subscription at only $11.99/month and with ‘Two screens at a time’ streaming plan it will cost you a total of $65.94. Now you might be thinking what if you are already owning a Netflix account? Then you can add this $65.94 towards that.

When you are adding this gift to your Netflix account, you’ll get your subscription of next six months for a new price. The offer is available until this year ends and all the Chromebook and Pixelbook owners can claim it. People who are owning both Chromebooks and Netflix may get some credits to added to their Netflix account by Google. As both new and old users of Chromebooks can avail this offer thus, this may lead to a fewer increase in sales of Chromebooks as Google always tends to offer its customers with gifts.

This bonding of Netflix with Google for this subscription can a step of mutual benefit in which Google will get the attention of audience towards its Chromebooks while Netflix will gain an increase in some subscription. The Chromebook users who have not tied up with Netflix yet, they might be adding it up now to get this fantastic gift offered by Google.

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