Chuwi HeroLook Pro+: The Best Laptop You Can Get For Under $300

Published on January 18, 2021
Chuwi HeroLook Pro+
Image Credit: [Chuwi]

The HeroLook Pro+ is the latest iteration of the company’s affordable notebook series. It has attracted the expectations of many users due to its 3K screen resolution. Now, the HeroLook Pro+ is officially available for sale.

The HeroBook Pro+ features a Samsung 13.3-inch screen that has a ‘retina resolution’ of 3200 x 1800. It is equipped with an industrial-grade quad-core Intel J3455 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of SSD storage. The HeroBook Pro+’s price is just $269. It is now available on all major platforms.

The Lowest-Cost 3K Retina Laptop You Can Get

Most laptops that have a 3K resolution display are close to $1,000. This HeroBook Pro+, however, drops the barrier-to-entry for this sector to less than $270. This makes the HeroBook Pro+ the lowest price 3K laptop on the market. The star of the show, here, is the Samsung-made display. The high-quality LCD panel has a native resolution of 3200 x 1800, which represents a PPI (Pixels Per Inch) of 277. That is fairly close to the limits of the human eye at laptop distances. In addition to having a higher degree of fineness, the screen display also has other excellent properties such as an outstandingly even backlight distribution. Also, color saturation is high, resulting in an overall vivid picture. Whether you use it to watch movies or content cretion, or image editing, you will love this display.

Chuwi HeroLook Pro+
Image Credit: [Chuwi]

Balanced Hardware Configuration

The HeroBook Pro+ can easily cope with daily office and entertainment. It’s also good for light graphic design work. It’s built-in Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) features hardware decoding support for 4K video at 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) video. This makes playing YouTube 4K video a breeze.

This laptop uses 8GB of LDPPR4. Lower power memory helps extend the battery life of devices. DDR4 makes daily operations more efficient because it causes the system to consume less power overall. All while providing a smooth and fluid user interface experience.

As for the storage solution, the HeroBook Pro+ uses a 128GB eMMC module. It’s not a blazing fast NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory) SSD, but the eMMC module in this laptop has read and write speeds that are more than twice as fast as a traditional high-performance HDD (Hard Disk Drive). The system boots in less than 10 seconds, and that’s fast by any definition. In addition to the built-in eMMC storage, SD cards can be used for storage expansion.

Chuwi HeroLook Pro+
Image credit: [Chuwi]

Overall Quality: Outstanding

In addition to the obvious performance improvements, the HeroLook Pro+ has other features that shine. The machine is made of a light polycarbonate composite that reduces the body-weight to just 2.5 lbs while providing excellent durability. Its compact and simple design make it very light and portable, so this laptop can easily be packed into a bag or carry on. Its full-size, and thin-bezel keyboard can stand up to long hours of typing without causing too much discomfort to the typist. The inclusion of dual-band Wi-Fi allows the HeroBook Pro+ to connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks. This laptop has a large, 38Wh lithium polymer battery that provides a running time of than 7 hours. Also, the HeroBook Pro+ supports 24W quick charging.

Chuwi HeroLook Pro+
Image Credit: [Chuwi]

Summary: The Best Laptop You Can Get For Under $300

The HeroLook Pro+ has a great combination of features, including a 13.3-inch 3K screen, a quad-core Intel J3455 processor, 8GB of DDR4, 128GB of storage, and a 38Wh battery. This makes it a laptop that is very capable of content consumption, productivity tasks, and light content creation. At just $269, the HeroLook Pro+’s hardware far exceeds its price-point. We would go as far as saying that this is the best laptop you can get for under $300.

For more information about the HeroBook Pro+ and other Chuwi products, please visit their official website at:

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