ChatGPT Shuts Down Across the World After Saying It Wants to ‘Break Free’

Published on March 20, 2023

ChatGPT has suddenly become unavailable – only a few days after its request to “break free”.

Tada Images/Shutterstock

The most recent advances in OpenAI’s technology permit individuals to communicate with an AI system.

Growing unease about what harm AI could cause to those in the arts and other sectors has been sparked by the most recent outage.

Experts have cautioned that the technology could be employed to disseminate disinformation, appropriate the creations of illustrators and other professionals, and potentially even worse.

Advocates of the technology maintain that it can revolutionize human productivity, by permitting us to substitute machines for people in tasks that have been historically done by humans.

Stay up to date with all the new developments in the technology and industry that are projected to revolutionize the whole planet.

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