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Published on January 25, 2021
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In modern days, technology is evolving fast with all of the changes happening right now in our society. It is essential to preserve our documents relevant to what we do, our business, or our intentions. So you won’t have a hard time in the future when you need it.

There are many available formats. You can save your files into one of them, and it can be in a PDF format, or it can be in PDF/A format. But if you only have a PDF format file available, you can still convert them into PDF/A format using the right tools available online and for free.

What is PDF/A

PDF/A is known as the Portable Document Format Archival; it is a preservation format for digital documents. They also use a PDF/A for documents that are scanned. PDF/A is also known to be a subset of PDF file formats. If you have a PDF file format on your device, you can easily convert PDF to PDFA

PDF/A, known as an archival file format of the format PDF, implants all of the PDF documents’ fonts. It means that the receiver of the file you have will receive a different font from yours when you created the paper to make sure that users will only use the file they receive to read it.

The format PDF/A is available in many different kinds. Each kind of PDF/A has a different accordance level and quality. When you already know the different types of options from a PDF/A file format, it will give you an improvement to the value of the documents you have, such as for viewing, sharing, archiving, and more.

PDF/A are also the same as PDF they are not platform-dependent that is why it is compatible with any device. You can also find PDF/A anywhere since this type of format is also used by many worldwide. It means that this type of structure will not be gone sooner or later. That is why it is much better to use PDF/A format.

Important things to know about the PDF/A

A subset of supported features connects all kinds of the PDF/A. Each PDF/A has one goal to be self-contained, and it should preserve all information that is important to be read more manageable and while it is a complete file. It may look like all the digital documents are self-contained, or it holds all of the vital information so that it can look like an entire file. But it is not like that.

PDF/A should embed all of the fonts inside a PDF/A. So it won’t reveal the original format to one user. So it can save some of your storage; it will only keep the subset of the font used. It is also essential for a PDF/A to have unlimited use of embedded fonts that is legal. Or else you can not view them correctly shortly.

Some of the PDF/A fonts have metadata inside them, so users cannot use it in a PDF file format, or it will only limit its time frame wherein users can traditionally use the fonts. If a font can be found in any PDF/A while converting it, you won’t get a PDF/A format from the file you are converting.

PDF/As also requires a user  device-independent in color; it merely means that the colored displays in the document do not depend on the computing device used to view the document. PDF/A also has one of the two variants of the color encoding, which guarantees a machine’s independence. 

How will you convert PDF into PDF/A?

There are ways to convert your PDF into a PDF/A, whether downloading a tool into your device or using the tools online, efficiently in your storage space. You can find tons of these tools on many platforms online, like the GogoPDF platform. It is easy to convert your PDF into PDF/A using their devices.

The first thing you need to do is open your device’s web browser and look for their website. On the GogoPDF website, click on the tool you need. You must upload the file you wish to alter in every agency you use. Never worry about your security while uploading your document to guarantee users’ security.

When you have finished uploading your PDF file into the platform, users will only have to wait for a second for their newly altered file. When your file finishes altering, you can save it easily with the choices they provide for the user. It is easy for users to convert their files using the GogoPDF tools. Try them out for free.


Whatever the files’ format is, we all just wanted to preserve our files for feature references. But finding a structure that will surely last for a long time is a must, especially if the documents we are trying to preserve are helpful in terms of business or contract etc.

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