CES, 2018: Raboo debuts smart charger with Bluetooth

Published on January 9, 2018

Smart electronics manufacturer Raboo took to the CES, 2018 stage to take the wraps off its latest Smart Charger. The company described the device as being “environmental-friendly,” which have enough power to replace batteries. They emphasized upon the harmful effects that batteries have on the environment and the need to replace them with green alternatives.

Raboo debuts smart charger with Bluetooth

According to a report published by Android Headlines, the Raboo Smart Charger accomplishes the multiple purposes of energizing a smartphone as well as saving the environment by connecting to the device that is being charged via the Bluetooth connectivity option. The device is specifically designed to understand the state of the device’s battery, following which, it outputs energy accordingly.

The company further goes on to state that the adapter utilizes the information in order to intelligently adjust power output. This prevents trickle charging, overcharging as well as overheating. Even though OEM charging components provided by most manufacturers these days, already feature a built-in chipset, it is not the kind that the users might actually like. “Finding a replacement adapter that works as well as what came with a device is often a daunting task and while consumers could buy one directly from a given device’s manufacturer, that can get to be expensive,” notes Android Headlines.

Raboo still hasn’t provided all the details regarding when they plan on launching the Smart Charger for sale in the market and at what price. There is no way of knowing whether the product is actually going to be a groundbreaker because its price isn’t known.

There are chances that it might end up costing a bomb, which isn’t specifically beneficial for all. In comparison to other manufacturers, Raboo has certainly managed to accomplish a deed. It could definitely be a viable option for those who make use of smartphones or tablets extensively throughout the day.

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Raboo debuts smart charger with Bluetooth
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