CES 2018: Check out Intel’s major breakthrough in quantum computing chip

Published on January 8, 2018

Intel has made an announcement regarding a new chipset. The 49-qubit quantum chip has been described by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich as a “major breakthrough” in quantum computing. At the CES, 2018 stage, Krzanich even further went on to state that with the launch of the new chipset, they have successfully moved a step forward towards “quantum supremacy.”

CES 2018- Check out Intel’s major breakthrough in quantum computing chip

According to a report published by ZDNET, Krzanich addressed the keynote at the event, suggesting that IntelZDNetbs and researchers have committed themselves towards developing and further enhancing the segment of quantum computing. They have successfully collaborated with a laboratory based in Netherlands with the main objective to specifically test and build quantum computing systems.

The company, unfortunately, hasn’t provided any specific timeline for the freshly-announced quantum chip. There are several other advanced computing systems that are tested by Intel. The list includes a neuromorphic computing test chip called Loihi, whose primary attraction is the fact that it is powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Intel already spoke about this particular product back in September 2017.

Intel has further gone on to announce that they now have a “fully functioning neuromorphic chip that after a few weeks is already performing simple object recognition in the labs,” the report by ZDNET reads. Krzanich further added that Intel, in the coming years, will put Loihi in the hands of partners to explore similar cases.

Kranich did not leave out the recent controversy faced by Intel. He addressed Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, stating that it is “truly remarkable” how so many companies have come together to resolve the issue. “As of now, we have not received any information that customer data has been breached,” he said. “We expect some workloads may have a larger impact than others, so we’ll continue working with industry to minimize the impact on those workloads over time,” he added.

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CES 2018- Check out Intel’s major breakthrough in quantum computing chip
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