These Browser Add-Ons Make Surfing the Web So Much Better

Published on February 21, 2017

While the web provides a world of wonder and endless opportunities, it can also bring plenty of annoyances with it.

Pop-over ads, sites that auto-play music even in background tabs, and pages that reload and wipe all the text you entered at the same time–they’re all bothersome.

The good news is, however, with everything that annoys you with the internet, there’s likely a browser extension that can eliminate it!

We’ve narrowed down the top browser add-ons for you and found the 4 best ones to give you the most worry-free web surfing experience possible!

The 4 Best Browser Add-Ons to Give You a Better Web Surfing Experience

1. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of, if not the best ad blocker for Chrome and Firefox and Opera.

What makes it so special? Not only does uBlock Origin get the job done easily, but it’s also super powerful and incredibly customizable.

This ad blocker allows you to control what elements load and which do not. You can also choose what ads you see and which you suppress.

While AdBlock Plus was once the gold standard for preventing ads from intruding on your browsing experience, AdBlock Plus still allows some certain ads through. uBlock, on the other hand, does not.

2. Disconnect Private Browsing

Disconnect Private Browsing for Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari protects you from tracking malware, and malvertising. Additionally, Disconnect offers secure Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimization features that aren’t available in other browser add-ons.

This tool blocks third-party tracking cookies. It also gives you control over all site scripts and element, such as a simple-to-use toolbar menu.

Disconnect has you covered–from ads injected by malware into popular pages, or ad networks that are hijacked by embedded malware, Disconnect will protect you from it all.

Also, Disconnect provides protection from social networks–such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter–tracking you.

Finally, this protects you from sidejacking, or widgetjacking. (This is where an attacker can use stolen cookies to access personal data without having to know your password).

3. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is one of the must-have browser add-ons. Regardless of what other security tools you opt to use, HTTPS Everywhere is still a necessity.

Unfortunately, there are still many sites that default to the insecure HTTP instead of HTTPS. This means that every interaction with that HTTP site is potentially viewable by passive eavesdroppers.

That’s where HTTPS Everywhere comes in handy.

This add-on, which works with Firefox and Chrome, will divert your connection to SSL whenever possible, once installed. The extension will then try to find secure versions of the sites you visit.

HTTPS Everywhere offer you a simple and effective way to protect your browsing without really lifting a finger.

Even better–it just updated to keep you safe on thousands of more websites.

4. Social Fixer

One of the ultimate browser add-ons to make your Facebook experience worlds better is Social Fixer.

Social Fixer works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Are you sick of hearing about the latest political news on Facebook? This browser extension can be used to clean political posts from Facebook.

You can also use it to re-order your news feed, hide sponsored posts and pages, filter your news feed so you don’t miss out on important news, and more!

If there’s something that particularly bugs you about Facebook you don’t know how to fix it, give Social Fixer a try.

Which of these browser add-ons are you most likely to try out? Tell us which of these you’re ready to put to work or which are already in use on your computer. Comment below!

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