Brand Sponsorship, Effectively Targeting On E-Sport Competitions?

Published on January 15, 2021
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Technological advances are changing all patterns of people’s behavior. Internet speeds are undoubtedly clear proof that relationships between people have no limits even if they are in different countries and far away. Yes, online gaming is one of the “results” of the game development that sped away, where we would never have imagined that a game could be played together even at a very long distance. That stigma has been broken in recent years, with esports emerging to the surface of the earth and bringing a new perspective, where sports are not all about football and basketball. This is an electronic sport, where video game players have to strategize and win a balanced competition and full support from esports sponsors. You also can earn more money by playing online gambling in agen judi bola because they have a various gambling games that u will never feel bore.

Various E-sports Income

Esports is genuinely a startup industry ready to compete with other major industries. No wonder the flow of money that occurs stings rapidly, both inflows and outflows of cash. Of course, the main source of income is from investors, the same as the business model in general. However, it is not possible if esports hangs itself only on investors only. Sponsorship is the primary source of all available income. GamingStreet says that nearly 90 percent of total revenue comes from sponsorships, the rest coming from tournament prizes, merchandise sold, and broadcast content. What exactly is the primary motive for esports sponsors daring to charge a lot for esports teams?

Know More About Sponsorships

Sponsorship does have a comprehensive meaning. But at its core, sponsorship is the provision of various financial support to the relevant parties for the smooth running of activities carried out. In analogy, sponsors provide funding assistance to the esports industry or the team in it so that the event can be done correctly. So, how do esports businesses retaliate against these sponsors? Of course, it is predictable, namely by promoting brand sponsorship directly at the time of the event. Yes, sponsors pay esports to get high exposure. That’s a lucrative reciprocal relationship. So are sponsors effective at promoting their brands through esports? Check out more about esports sponsorship below!

Are You Sure Sponsors Aren’t Taking The Wrong Steps?

That’s the question that some laypeople first raise about esports. Are the sponsors sure to invest their funds into various parties in the esports industry? Is it profitable for the brand they bring in this esports competition? The reality is that sponsors are “abundant” in the esports industry. In recent years, the surge in esports fans has been a strong reason sponsors dare to donate their funds to various esports parties, both teams, and organizers. Of course, with many spectators or fans who see the competition, they will see multiple brand logos everywhere. That’s great marketing, spending big for high exposure, and growing brand awareness expectations.

Increase Brand Awareness Through E-sports

Optimizing brand awareness is the primary goal of sponsors daring to donate funds to the esports industry. Yes, brand awareness is critical in the business world or the company that owns the brand. So, what is brand awareness? In short, when looking at a brand logo, they are familiar with the brand and know about the product description quickly. The more famous a product or brand, the higher a brand awareness will undoubtedly have a massive effect on product sales. That’s the keyword; sponsors want the product to be widely known and smooth in its turnaround process to consumers. That’s marketing; sponsors will willingly lose a lot of money just an exposure for them.

The Future of E-sports and Sponsorship

Of course, technological advances are unstoppable, where humans will feel curious every second. Can we imagine about esports and sponsorship in the future? Certainly! Gen Z teenagers will love Esports, and esports sponsors will be increasingly eager to invade various teams and organizers with fantastic funds. The reciprocal relationship will further advance the esports industry with various magnificent competitions in each season. Even predicted can beat the popularity of football tournaments!

Here are some brief explanations about interconnected esports sponsors. Of course, the two have an equally lucrative reciprocal relationship!

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