Blackberry targeted audience by their new phone

Published on June 22, 2018

The phones which were called for the ideal businessman’s reputation are of blackberry’s phone, it has always maintained its reputation. With all the apps you need to stay productive, doesn’t distract with games or social apps, is quite secure, and until the touchscreen trend took over, it had its own qwerty keyboard that made typing out emails on the phone a literal breeze it is handy and very useful, now somewhere  Blackberry followed the bandwagon and got lost among bigger players which were all over down the line, now what blackberries are good at, so now its network concepts hopes to change that by once again, being built to do exactly what it’s good at.

The people who consider Blackberry as a phone for them we should clear that blackberry isn’t a phone it’s your enterprise communication solution which is built for all your office needs, the blackberry network is called go-to device for everything related to work. Blackberry networks come in a small size so to get the job done while occupying as less space as possible and also it works as the RFID card that you would use to swipe into our out of your office, the BB Network is exactly that size too, and can be hung around from your neck or clipped to your pocket, much like your office ID.

It also helps to keep your office schedule and needs in mind, giving you access to your tasks, reminders, emails, flight tickets, etc. all accessible from within the home screen. BBM hub is what this phone comes with, and it also has its own payments gateway that allows you to use your phone as a payment card.

The feature which all the users need is built in this phone such as the feature like Network’s Meeting Mode, this feature helps by letting your phone focus only on functionality, silencing all calls and notifications while you’re in a meeting. The phone provides feature-into-feature like while keeping the phone in a meeting mode it can also turn your phone into a multimedia device, allowing you to use it as a digital pointer, and to control presentations directly from within your phone.

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