Beware! A malicious link is freezing up iOS, Mac devices

Published on January 18, 2018

The iOS and Mac users, kindly pay this news. A malicious link, consisting of an exploitative bug, is currently being distributed through social networking platform, Twitter. Those who receive the link and end up following the instructions provided in this will face problems with their IOS and Mac-run devices. Chances are, your iPhone, iPad or MacBook might end up getting frozen and your iMessage application will become unusable after that.

iOS Devices

“The link, which goes to a Github page, breaks the Messages app and causes problems on both IOS devices and Macs. Simply receiving the link results in issues, likely due to the Messages feature that lets you preview web links,” reports Mac Rumors. Developers at Mac Rumors even went ahead and tested out the bad links, following which, they were able to experience a “few resprings.”

They also stated that the problem eventually extended to the Messages application, which stopped functioning after a point of time. The primary solution recommended by Mac Rumors is to quit the Messages application and delete the message entirely. This is not the first time that such bugs have surfaced online. Such Message-oriented, link-disguised bugs have occurred several times before as well.

Such vulnerabilities would end up emerging through text strings, videos and an increase in the crashing of the Messages application. Such problems are not exactly causing a lot of damage. However, they do end up bringing inconvenience to users.

Mac Rumors suggests that it is best that users avoid exchanging such links with others. It ends up causing the device to freeze and even crash. In case you experience such a problem, quit the Messages application on Mac or IOS, open it back up and immediately delete the entire message thread. In case, you are a Mac user, you will be required to swipe right on the trackpad or click on the right-hand side of the user’s name to open up the ‘Delete’ option and get rid of the conversation.

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