The Bethesda has launched the SavePlayer1 campaign

Published on December 8, 2017

In a much hilarious parody of Sarah Mclachlan’s recent videos against the animal abuse, the lady named Lynda Carter, known for playing the Wonder Woman role in the 1970’s series, has been advocating about the single player gamers feelings, as they are entirely left out of the studios that are at present looking out possibilities for multiplayer, rather than focusing on individual player games. The campaign has been named as SavePlayer1, and it shall be a part of the movement of Bethesda to save the single player gamers.


The Bethesda movement happened after the EA recently closed their Visceral Games and shifted all their single player games into a multiplayer one, including the Star Wars game. During this period, the EA said that they should be revamping a new story-based adventure game, which their regular gamers shall enjoy playing with.

This statement was interrupted to speak of the multiplayer and the things, which they are about to get shortly. Many gamers from all over the world, took it to their social networking handles and made their voice clear against the recent decision of EA.

They stated the importance of the single-player game and also made a note that the Bethesda is known for their single player game, rather than the multiplayer ones.

Along with the ongoing SavePlayer1 campaign, the Bethesda shall be offering about fifty percentage discounts on their new single player games, starting from this weekend. They shall also be donating about ten lakh US Dollars towards the ESA Foundation, to help them get their scholarships for the upcoming future game developers. It is fascinating to see such significant publishers backing up the single players instantly through these campaigns.

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