Beats Solo Pro Review: Cozy & Comfortable with 40 hours Battery Life

Published on October 26, 2019

Despite Beats claims they are the world’s best-selling headphones, with about 30,000,000 sold worldwide, I haven’t been a big fan of Beats’ Solo headphone lines. While the Solo3 Wireless was very nice for an on-ear version for the first time in 2016, I prefer over-ear layout and think it’s a bit too rich for what the Solo3 price tag was for $300, even if it’s now $150.

That’s why I expected Beats’ early review of its new Solo Pro, which can now be pre-ordered and delivered in various colors on Oct. 30. It costs $300 but the headphone is better, not only in design, but also in functionality and quality.

Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling

This is the first Ear Beats with an effective noise cancelation feature and the first full size Lightning Beats headset. This uses the brand’s Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC), originating from the wireless over-ear of Studio3 with up-to-date ear-form factor tuning, ‘ Beats says. With a tap you can switch off the acoustic cancelation in order to save battery life. The headset has six microphones, two of which are designed for your voice when you call or talk to your voice staff.


Different multi-microphone arrays can be used for tracking and filtering sound for most noise canceling headphones. Furthermore, like you might expect, the new chip from Apple H1 is also the same used by Apple AirPods of the second generation and Beats ‘ own wireless Powerbeats Pro speakers.

According to Beats, the advanced sonic processing and noise cancelation motor driving is not only an easy combination with iOS devices (the application provides Android users with this feature) but also more reliable wireless connections. It can be used to combine two headphone devices with any other Apple device that runs on iOS 13 or higher simultaneously with an Apple Audio Sharing feature. You can hear and watch a friend’s same song at a same time.

Upgraded Features

The new drivers and all of new upgrades are inside. Beats made significant internal improvements, but the volume and track are controlled via physical buttons instead of touch sensors. There’s a metal in the headband, with a style that reminds the enterprise of wired EP headphones.

Representatives from Beats told me Solo Pro is a compacter headphone than Solo3. The weight of Solo3 is 255 grams. The metal also increases stiffness but reduces the pressure or tightness that you often experience with Ear models. I used it for around 30 minutes and found comfortable rather than many best headphones out there.

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The gentle and soft ear pads hold the sound passively and are also impressive. The environment sound is unreachable even with the headphones turned off without noise cancellation feature because the ears are clamped tightly but comfortably.

Unfortunately, the Sony WH-1000XM3 or the Bose Noise Canceling 700 headphones could not be compared with Solo noise cancelation feature. However, the Beats seemed to satisfy with some simulated noise from the subway, road or aircraft cabin.

Sound Quality

With regard to sound quality, I could only listen to a few of the songs, but I had initially felt that the headphones were quiet, balanced and not roaring with punchy bass. Beats took the concerns about the sound quality of his headphones–particularly the bloated bass–to heart some years ago and tightened things up. You will still get a ton of bass, but it’s defined more clearly.

Extra Features

A few more important things to mention: these headphones, like the wireless Solo3 and Studio3 Wireless, fold up but do not fold flat. Folding and unfolding is how they are turned on and off. Sennheiser Momentum 3’s new car has the same nifty-something auto feature, but there’s no power button that some people don’t like.

Environment-Friendly Case

The case is more environmentally friendly. Made of recycled plastic, it has a stunning feel and I liked it better than the cases before Beats— especially the uninspired hard case of Studio3 which takes over too much space in a bag.

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Cable Omission

Only the lack of the included headphone cable, I suspect Beats will be to some extent sorry. You don’t get wire in the box and can’t fit into an entertainment system on an aircraft that’s wrong. An optional cable is required to plug-in. We don’t know much about the cable price but according to the official resources, the cable will cost around $20. I think it’s absurd that a set of $300 headsets doesn’t have a cable and customers need to buy it additionally.

Battery Life

Beats offers a battery life of 22 hours, with noise cancelation feature. We almost achieved that, around a 21-hour, 53-minute playback time of 75dB from just one time charge. You can get about 40 hours of battery life if you need more, by switching off transparency mode and noise cancellation. The Beats Solo Pro allow fast fuel charging, as with other Beats products. Within 10 minutes of Lightening charging, you can use it for three hours long. It’s sufficient for a round trip to work.

Final Words

Yes, these are Beats Solo’s best ever headphones. The Beats Solo Pro is won’t let you down if you can compromise on the cost and microphone quality,.

The Sony WH-1000XCM3 is still our best ANC headphones, if you are not willing to sacrifice comfort in a slightly smaller design. It includes granular EQ adjustments, Ambient Awareness Mode and touch control. These are high quality features. However, because Bose reduced the price of Bose QuietComfort, it is still a good noise cancelation tool.

The Beats Solo Pro tends to be an impressive headphone aside from its cable omission and somewhat high pricing.

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