Audio Technica ATH-SR5BT: Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Published on March 5, 2019

Audio Technica is possibly one of the best headphone manufacturers of the current generation, second only to the likes of Sony, Beats, and Bose. Founded in 1962, this Japanese company only cares for one thing in its products, and that is quality.

Audio Technica is willing to sacrifice the look of professional headphones and even the functionality to give you a clean listening experience. Also, nowhere is this more apparent than in the Audio Technica ATH-SR5BT.

The ATH-SR5BT are professional headphones through and through, standing side by side to the Beats Studio, Bose QuietComfort 35II, and the JBL live 500BT. The Bluetooth headphones give you immensely powerful sound with an upwards of 38 to 40 hours worth of battery life on a single charge.

On a design standpoint, these are not the fanciest of the bunch. The design is exceptionally minimalistic, to the point where, if not for their logo, people will probably think that you bought them for not more than $10.

However, the headphones make up for lackluster design through immensely powerful sound and an extensive frequency range. On Bluetooth mode, the frequency will range from 20 – 20,000Hz, whereas in the wired mode you will get the full 5 – 40,000Hz. This means that you will often be able to hear specific details in songs that you never even knew existed. 

On the other hand, there are no groundbreaking Bluetooth features in the ATH. You have controls on the ear cup that allow you to switch tracks and adjust the volume, along with the ability to pause and pick up calls. It also has a 3.5mm jack for wired mode and a micro USB charging slot.

In conclusion, Audio Technica have truly outdone themselves with the ATH-SR5BT. It sounds phenomenal with exceptional highs and excellent bass; couple that with good Bluetooth features and perfect battery life, and you have yourself the best possible headphones at their price range if you don’t mind the minimalist design.

Photo by: Audio Technica

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