AT&T Plans to Offer Mobile 5G Wireless Phone Service This Year

Published on January 5, 2018

U.S. mobile carrier, AT&T is reportedly planning on becoming the first of its kind to provide its consumers with fifth-generation (5G) networking services in their home market. The company plans on achieving this goal by the end of this year. They are competing directly with other companies like Verizon Communications Inc. and T-Mobile, who are also rumored to be participating in this race. As noted by Bloomberg, the main reason why these U.S. Carriers are so motivated to achieve their goals is that they want to spur up their revenue growth significantly.


Currently, companies in charge are running 5G technology trials with the sole purpose of beaming signals between stationary antennas. However, AT&T’s objective is quite different. In a statement recently, the company said that they want to introduce a fresh commercial mobile service in over a dozen U.S. cities by the end of this year.

Specific details regarding the same remain unavailable at the moment. Through the use of quicker connections, AT&T claims that their customers will be able to run modern-day technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), 4K-video content and connections with autonomous vehicles quickly. As mentioned previously, AT&T is joined by other companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint Corp. in the race to provide 5G services to their customers.

5G networking is expected to provide consumers with a path towards achieving faster growth by overcoming challenges quicker. It is being speculated that smartphone manufacturers along with chip makers and other types of hardware and software developers will be shelling out over $200 billion a year on research to reach the stage that 5G technology has the potential of an offering.

As per the statement provided by AT&T, they have been able to lay down the need groundwork for 5G technology in over 23 cities of U.S. already. Places like Kalamazoo, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana along with Waco and Austin Texas are already looking to carry out wireless trails soon.

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AT&T Plans to Offer Mobile 5G Wireless Phone Service This Year
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