AT&T is Giving Some Users 15GB of ‘Bonus’ Data, But it Comes With a Mandatory Price Hike

Published on November 7, 2019

AT&T is giving it’s customers an additional data of 15 GB as a bonus. But the catch is the firm is claiming an extra 10 USD for these bonus data. The gift includes most of the old Mobile Share Value data plans. It seems like the firm has increased the price of the data and claiming it to be a bonus as a part of its marketing strategy. The company is forcing its customers to buy an expensive plan. 

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The tag line of the amended plan reveals Surprise Benefit, but on the contrary, it costs you money. The official statement states that the offer starts from the October 2019 bill, where customers will get an additional 15 GB of data in their Mobile Share plan, and the price of data will increase by 10 USD. 

In a statement released by the company revealed that the firm is communicating with some of its customers regarding the change in plan. The company also said that customers could contact the service provider anytime to inquire about the project and any relevant questions. This is not the first time when the firm lands itself into the controversy. Previously, the company fined with a whopping 60 million USD for throttling the so-called unlimited plan in 2011. The company also charged property taxes on the business internet bill. 

Reason to Introduce the BONUS plan

The farm introduced a similar program in March when customers able to get a double amount of data with a price increase of 5 USD, and some customers got 30GB of extra data with a 10 USD increase in the plan. Due to the increased cost, a large number of customers will shift to the farm’s so-called unlimited plans. As the name suggests, the unlimited plan is nowhere close to infinite; there are different terms and conditions applied to it. But as it will relatively costs less, the mass is anticipated to move to the unlimited option.

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