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Published on August 31, 2019

Video Games A Source Of Entertainment

Astral Chain: Video Game Review

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Man needs entertainment in his life. For this purpose, he does a lot of things. Some people fulfil their entertainment requirements by listening to songs, watching movies. Some people play video games for their entertainment. Video games have become an essential part of the entertainment industry since the 1980s. The User interacts with video games by its visual feedback. The feedback will be shown on two- or three-dimensional display such as Television, computer screen or VR headset.

As more people started to play video games, the industry of video games started to grow and develop. The advancement in games also occurs with the advancement in technology. Many game developing companies are available in the market that introduces new games after a short period of time for gamers. Sometimes different companies become partners for the development of any game.

Platinumgames Inc.

Platinumgames Inc. is a result of the merging of two Japanese game developers. After the development of this company became a partner with the saga. A saga which is game publishers publishes four games published by this company. Many of the famous games are developed by this company. This company get expertise in the development of action games. They always want to get a new gaming design concept.

Astral chain

Platinum games Inc. is developing its new action genre game, which is named as Astral chain. The publisher of this game is Nintendo game publishers. Nintendo is also a Japanese company, and Nintendo is one of the biggest game publishers. Platinumgames Inc. is a famous and expert in the development of action games. Takashi Taura acts as the director of Astral chain. The Astral chain is created under the supervision of Hideki Kamiya. The character of the Astral chain is designed by the public pleased person named as mangaka masakazukatsura.

Different Modes Of Astral Chain

Like many other action games, there are two modes of Astral chain. You can choose any model you want to play. Most players opt to play single-player mode because it is easy to play the game in single-player mode. You can choose the multiplayer mode, but the multiplayer mode makes the game difficult to play.

Players Information

In Astral chain, there are two main characters and different legions for these characters. The two characters are twin brother and sister, and you have to choose any one of them. You can control one of the two characters of the game. One player is controlled by you, and the other is automatically controlled by the computer. The second character will be your closest companion during your fight with the enemies. The other character will be named Akira Howard.

The Theme Of The Game

The characters of Astral Chain are a police officer of a planet named neuron in the game. The neuron is a safe and prosperous city and then suddenly the anonymous dimensional gates open, and danger comes in the world. In the beginning, you are solving different cases and investigating the incidents that are taking place in the game world. While exploring the world, the players have to investigate the cases by asking questions from non-playable characters available in the game.

By examining evidence and by solving puzzles, you are making progress in the game. You can solve these puzzles and incidents with the help of different abilities of the members of your legion. In Astral chain, you have to save the world and humankind from the other-dimensional invasion with your skills. You have to fight against that legion of the enemies along with your twin siblings and your legion. There are different zones and scenes in which the player has to play.

In astral chain, the main characters of the game use swords and guns to kill the enemies. Along with the closest companion, you have a legion. You can use different combos to kill your enemies. It seems a difficult game, but when you started to play it, then you will easily learn multiple attacks with different characters. You are controlling your character and legion at the same time. The player is ranked according to the performance of the player at the end of the game.

Extra Features Of The Game

The game character has multiple legions for them that have different abilities and different weapons and combat styles. The player can change the legion even during the real-time battle according to his fighting strategies.

The player can send some of the members of the legion to fight a specific group of enemies just by selecting the members of the legion and by clicking the enemies whom you want members of the legion to fight. The player can make the legion follow his. The legion will go anywhere where the player moves his character.

You can customize your player because Astral chain has a clothing menu named as a locker room. In this menu, you can change your player’s clothes and skin tone. You can also add different accessories to your player just as glasses, masks and many other things. Many players spent a lot of time in the locker room to customize their characters.

The player can use the abilities of legion not only on the battlefield but also in investigating and solving the cases and puzzles.

The players can obtain multiple other items that can be used later in the games such as health kit that is used to recover the health of the characters. In case of loss of full power, the player can start its game where it is saved previously.

There are still some things that come in Astral Chain’s way to come at its peak. These causes are its dull dialogues, multiple menus, and lack of administration of the main character of the game.

Other Games

As Platinumgames Inc. is the most famous game developing company and created different famous games of all times. Some of the famous games of Platinumgames Inc. are as follows.

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  2. Nier: Automata
  3. Bayonetta 2
  4. The wonderful 101
  5. Metal gear

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