Apple’s revised IOS security guide: Details on Face ID, Apple Pay, and More

Published on January 12, 2018

Apple shared a revised version of its IOS Security Guide today. The new document – dated January 2018 – is roughly 78 pages long and includes numerous changes that will be made to company’s proprietary applications, including the Face ID, Apple Pay, and others. As noted by 9 to 5 Mac, the Cupertino technology giant usually releases newer versions of its IOS Security Guide a couple of times in the year.

Apple Face ID

More times than often, these come with major changes. The firm’s primary objective when releasing newer security guide is to provide “a thorough look at the security parameters implemented in the latest IOS versions,” the report by 9 to Mac states. The latest security update consisted of the first major change to be made to IOS 11 since it was introduced back in September 2017.


Apple through the release of the security document, emphasizes on the fact that neither FDace ID nor Touch ID is meant to play the role of passcode replacements. They are meant to provide easy access to users “within thoughtful boundaries and time constraints.” “This makes using a longer, more complex passcode far more practical because you don’t need to enter it as frequently. Touch ID and Face ID don’t replace your passcode but provide easy access to your device within thoughtful boundaries and time constraints. This is important because a strong passcode forms the foundation of your iOS device’s cryptographic protection,” the document further adds.


The document further provides information on the security features included with the Pay Cash facility. The security team explains that the platform will be storing and using transaction data for “fraud protection” and other purposes. “Apple Payments Inc. will store and may use your transaction data for troubleshooting, fraud prevention, and regulatory purposes once a transaction is completed. The rest of Apple doesn’t know who you sent money to, received money from, or where you made a purchase with your Apple Pay Cash card,” the document adds.

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