Apple’s latest update of iOS 11.2.2 is creating performance and battery draining issues

Published on January 15, 2018

To fix to the ‘Spectre’ bug which affected almost every iOS device has officially been launched by the company to with the latest iOS 11.2 updates named iOs 11.2.2. The update comprises of security updates, some improvements to Safari and WebKit to diminish the effect of the bug ‘Spectre’.

iOS 11.2.2

Now it seems like the bug has stopped creating issues with the iOS users and now some positive reviews are coming from the iOS users. It rarely happens that Apple needs to launch this kind of improvement updates after the launch of a full-fledged version of iOS. Apple generally gets the things right in first time.

Now a new problem has come up after installing this iOS 11.2.2, users reported that they have noticed a declined CPU performance and huge battery draining problem after installing this latest software update. The issue needs to be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible before it can go out of control. Many tech geeks and daily life users posted images and the screenshots of the results of the benchmark tests which they did with their respective iOS device.

The results which have come up before and after installing this latest update are far away from each other and clearly shows that the performance level has come down. Some reports also state that the people owning iPhone 6 and 7 are facing more acute problems rather than the one which is holding iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Users are also facing some other problems like issues in installing and downloading third-party apps, severe battery drain and also some issues of connecting their device to any Bluetooth device. A few cases of failure of Face ID of iPhone X has also been reported.

This is still not clear what is the drawback behind this latest update. Either this update is itself affected by the bug of ‘Spectre’ or the upgrade isn’t stable for rest of the functionalities of the smartphone.

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