Apple’s iPhone wireless charging tech to upgrade next year

Published on December 28, 2017

Apple unveiled its 10th-anniversary-iPhone device in September this year. Before the Cupertino giant made this revelation, it was highly speculated that the handsets will arrive with support for wireless charging technology. Apple fans were truly left excited. Realizing that they don’t need to attach any wires to their iPhone devices but to simply recharge wireless from a considerable distance was a significant advantage for iPhone owners. Unfortunately, that never took place. Apple shipped the iPhone X devices but they arrived without the support of a wireless charging facility – the kind that most users had imagined.

iPhone Wireless charging

Now, thanks to the recent approval made by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the first wireless charger that can work even from three feet of distance away, is on its way.

A San Jose-based startup company that goes by the name of, ‘Energous,’ made an announcement on Tuesday, 26th December, that their most popular product – a wireless ‘power at a distance’ charging system had received approval from FCC. The system is based on Watt Up Mid Field transmitter, which serves the function of converting electricity into radio frequencies and beaming the energy into nearby devices through the help of a corresponding receiver.

It is also further known that the Watt Up charging technology is designed to fill up the battery on multiple devices at the same time. Another advantageous feature of Watt Up system is that it is seamlessly compatible with more than one type of devices – be it smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and earbuds.

In the end, the devices and the charging tool must be provided with the right type of receiver. The Watt Up ecosystem works just like Wi-Fi connectivity does. Individuals will be able to charge their smartphones from a distance of three feet or less. The brand of your smartphone doesn’t matter. It should consist of a receiving end. This type of system is scheduled to be unveiled at the CES event scheduled to take place next month.

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Apple Wireless Charging
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