Apple will lose to Amazon, here’s why

Published on January 15, 2018

Apple doesn’t have the habit of losing – be it in the smartphone market or at a big event like Consumer Electronics Show. The Cupertino technology giant always manages to make a lasting impact on its followers and viewers but not this time. This year e-commerce giant Amazon has managed to steal the title of making the most impact from Apple.

Apple will lose to Amazon, here’s why

As noted by Business Insider, the recently-concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) made it pretty clear that Amazon “is dominating one of the most important trends in technology, i.e. a voice-based computing system,” notes the report. Apple, on the other hand, has clearly fallen behind in this particular area. Amazon’s Alexa digital voice assistant seems to have appeared almost everywhere at the event.

Numerous device manufacturers announced a slew of devices, powered by Alexa this year. Be it smart glasses or automobiles, Alexa seemed to have powered all segments without much difficulty. What’s more? Even Microsoft’s Windows PCs came integrated with Alexa’s digital voice assistant capabilities. Two things were made pretty clear at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, i.e. Amazon will stop at nothing when it comes to Alexa and that voice assistant will be playing a big role when it comes to how individuals interact with technology.

One of the main reasons, as pointed out by Business Insider, to Amazon’s lasting influence is that it took the e-commerce giant years to build it. The Jeff Bezos-led firm first stepped into the smart-home speakers market back in 2014 with its first version of Echo devices.

While at that time, the concept was pretty new to the consumers, it was natural for them to fully understand the potential of such a device and get crazy about it. However, they eventually did and other technology giants understood its importance and consequently decided to follow Amazon’s footsteps as well.

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Apple will lose to Amazon, here’s why
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