Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Published on October 18, 2018

With a large display and electrical heart sensor, Apple has introduced a top-notch watch that is creating a lot of buzz.

What is New?

You will get Apple Watch Series 4 in two sizes i.e. 40mm and 44mm. Apple has done a great job on the screen and kept it 30% larger. You will find a modular watch face app with enhanced and detailed graphics information. It allows a user to keep an eye on their heart rate, stocks, boarding information, and track scores of their favorite sports team. If you are wondering, Apple Series 4 comes in different aluminum finishes like space gray, silver, and gold.

The breathe app that many people have used for meditation or to control heart rate is still there but you will find it as a watch face app. It will send a notification if it detects any irregularity. Although this watch cannot make a diagnosis, it can detect irregular rhythm so you can consult your doctor. It also stores your health record so you can share it with your doctor when you visit.

Moreover, it is easy to use. Just raise your wrist and it will guide you further. You will get an improved speaker. The developers have made it 50% louder this time. Also, you will see a microphone located on the opposite side. This will help lower echo and phone calls will become clearer.

For the back side of Series 4, the developers have opted for sapphire crystal and black ceramic. The Apple watch runs on WatchOS 5 operating system. That is why functions like health tracking, fitness, or walkie-talkie have become easy to use. Series 4 has S4, 64-bit dual core processor that performs 2% faster. And, you will get 18 hours of battery.

Final Verdict

Fitness junkies who love to track their health will like Apple Watch Series 4.

Photo credit: Apple

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