Apple Watch Series 3 Randomly Reboots in WatchOS 7

Published on September 28, 2020
Image Credit: [Apple]

The Apple watch has been having some issues lately. WatchOS 7 has so far been a really great upgrade in most ways. If you are an Apple Watch Series 3 owner, however, you may have some issues. According to very recent reports, Apple Watch Series 3 owners are having random reboots after upgrading to watchOS 7. This is annoying. Sometimes their Apple Watches restart several times a day, and that’s not the only bug they are dealing with.

People are also complaining about complications failing to load, and sluggish performance, and the watch locking up all-together.

Apple has not commented on the issue yet. WatchOS 7.0.1 will more than likely address this issue. Apple has not said anything probably because they have not addressed the issues yet. The Series 5 and newer hardware aren’t affected. Also, we aren’t sure if problems affect Series 3 watches that were bought from Apple with watchOS 7 pre-installed, but it definitely affects those watches that upgraded to the new OS.

Its Okay, Apple Will Fix It

More than likely, the upcoming release of Watch OS will include a patch that fixes these problems. Still though, issues like this provide a poor experience. This device is still considered and still receives software support.

This is quite an annoying problem for Apple Watch Series 3 owners. The Apple Watch is not cheap and it’s not exactly a luxury item for those who actually buy it. Typically, people that buy these watches have busy lives. People that buy smartwatches need the convenience and time-saving features that only a wrist-mounted computer can provide. It happens though. Apple will definitely fix the issue. The great thing about it is that Apple is able to fix the issue on their end and then silently push an update to the devices that are affected. All for free and without the customer having to contact Apple. The users don’t even have to go into a store.

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