Apple watch apps can now track your skiing & snowboarding performance

Published on February 28, 2018

Apple always tends to serve with the best and the same has just been done by the company. The company has updated its Apple Watch OS applications to track activities which cannot even be traced easily. With an Apple Watch Update that combines GPS and altimeter (Altitude) measuring, ski apps of your Apple watch can now locate your performance of skiing and snowboarding. The update will let you know how much calories you have burnt and how fast you were going?

Apple Watch, Apple, WatchOSApple Watch, Apple, WatchOS

The new feature started rolling out today, with Ski Tracks, Snocru, Snoww and Squaw Valley’s app all are getting updated. These applications are most compatible with Watch Series 3 or an upgraded operating system of watchOS 4.2.

When you come across an impression over this, you’ll surely be amazed. The apps will now show you were your vertical height, distance, heart rate and others. The app also allows you to track what was your continuous skiing time and your wait time too. The slope tracking works on snowboards too. It gives you a data of your top and average speed too. The app will also show you a map of your journey.

With this the app will also help you in safe riding, it will ask you when your board alignment is going wrong and when you need to make it correct. The app also asks you to stop and restart whenever you go out of the ordinary safety and directions. As of now, the app is free, and the user can upgrade it to “Season Pass” for $19.99 per year.

The update will give your excitement and your joy over your stress map, your movement, and other things. Just think for once, you are under the hills for skiing and you are having your helping hand tied with your hand. What else do you want? A personal guide will follow you wherever you and will also tell you how long and perfect you were on your overall skiing and snowboard ride.

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Apple Watch, Apple, Watch OS
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