Apple to Update iPhones in China after Qualcomm’s claim on Patents

Published on December 14, 2018

The Chinese court has granted Qualcomm with orders against Apple which will block the sales of the older models of iPhones, from 6 to X as Apple says that they can make things right through a software update. When Apple’s territory came down Apple said that only pre-IOS 12 running software were in violation. Other phones that are listed are capable of updating further.

Let’s see whether the updates are enough to keep the previous iPhones for the sale in China and if it will stay up on the newer XR and XS models that Qualcomm is all set to ban. The war between the two giant companies is not going to over on the struggles over technology and licensing fees for a long time for sure.


The patents that Apple infringed are going to be related to resizing pictures and managing applications and this only happening to the ios 11 versions but Chinese court in ruling has already updated in iOS 12, which shows that it doesn’t break the terms on Qualcomm’s patents.

Qualcomm’s also asking for banning the sales of the newer models like iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The fear of the sales ban made Apple hire the Cupertino based company to launch the software update for the iPhone’s users to avoid having the sales blockage.

Thus, Apple continues to sell iPhones in China, which might not stay too long if they do not claim the patent back or do something to remove the Qualcomm’s patent claim. On Thursday, Qualcomm confirmed that it has called on the court to enforce the rulings.

The fight in China is at a time when the third largest contributors to Apple’s revenue are in the pressure because of the US company facing tough competition from the domestic companies who are offering models with high specifications in lower prices than other iPhone handsets.

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