Apple to begin MicroLED display mass production this year

Published on April 3, 2018

Apple has reportedly begun work on developing MicroLED panels. If reports are believed to be accurate, then the Cupertino technology giant is nearing mass production of its alleged range of advanced LED panels. The Tim Cook-led firm has allegedly inked a partnership with TSMC. Their primary objective is to manufacture groups that are small in size. These panels will reportedly be used only for Apple Watch line-ups.

Apple, MicroLED

There are rumors doing the rounds that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will be producing the smaller MicroLED panels on behalf of the Cupertino, technology giant. A report by DigiTimes quotes its research analyst Luke Lin as confirming the news. The back panels are reportedly being produced on silicon-based technology. A note by Lin cites supply chain sources as saying that the companies will be providing two different sizes of smaller panels. The activity will be carried out in partnership between the two companies.

According to a report published by 9 to 5 Mac, Apple will be producing a 1.3-inch to the 1.4-inch panel for its upcoming Apple Watch model. The two companies will also be providing a second set which will be between 0.7-inch to 0.8-inch version. The second set of LED panels will allegedly be used as a form of Augmented Reality (AR) wearable device. Therefore, it is assuming that the group might come into use for the highly-rumored AR headset. Lin further went on to state that the Cupertino technology giant will only be making use of MicroLED panels in their future premium-category models.

This set will be specific to the Apple Watch line-up. The cost of production is expected to be anywhere between four hundred percent to 600 percent higher. The figure is mentioning while comparing it to the existing OLED Watch panels that Apple produces. The company provides groups of the same time. Therefore, it is assuming that the latest set will come across as prohibitive to use in the upcoming entry-level models. Furthermore, the more extensive collection of microLED panels will base on TFT-based back panels. However, it is knowing whether Apple will end up partnering with the same company for this production as well. Lin further claims that bigger boards are planning for use for different gadgets produced by Apple.

Devices that feature a much more extensive group will end up sporting the latest technology. In other words, there are high chances that the company might consider integrating the newest technology in their Apple iPhone and iPad devices. There is a high possibility that they might end up using the same in Apple MacBooks as well. For the time being, only a smaller set of panels are set to enter mass production. This activity will take place as soon as the second half of this year. However, there is a possibility that they might end up pushing the same project next year.

According to the claims made by Lin, the more extensive set of panels are expected to be mass produced sometime next year or even later. The smaller sized panels will expectedly be powering Apple’s highly-rumored AR-powered headsets. The technology that Apple will be using is reportedly capable of producing displays that are brighter at the same time being less power-hungry. In other words, the technology will end up being thinner and less costly in size. The freedom that is offering to Apple through this technology is unbelievable. The technology will be providing internally-designed engineering freedom for the officials at Apple. Several factors including the display’s characteristics, color accuracy, and the match will reportedly be deterring as and when they are suiting for users.

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