Apple service providers to replace phones with Face ID breakdown

Published on May 8, 2018

The iPhone X company reportedly has sent the authorized service providers of Apple a document telling them as to what they must do whenever a user of an iPhone X faces issues related to the Face ID. At the initial step, the company has recommended its service providers to run a test of diagnosis to check if there exists any trouble with the device’s rear camera. Although the Face ID has connections with the sensors that are seen on the forward-facing TrueDepth Camera, yet there does exist some links in between a back camera breakdown in the iPhone X and the breakdown of the Face ID to function properly. The back facing cameras of the iPhone X is linked with the TrueDepth Camera.

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In case the performed test of diagnosis does not turn up to feature any damage to the back camera, the company has given instructions to its service providers about replacing the iPhone X of the user with an all-new phone. Also, the steps that are the initial tests of diagnosis, which the authorized service providers of the company are told to carry out, even is applicable for the Genuine Bar inside the company’s Apple Stores. The tech company said that it is making requests for the tests to be carried out to offer a superior consumer experience.

There genuinely have been noted issues with the facial recognition technology that is used in the iPhone X of the company in the previous days, however, a large part of those affairs had things connected with the Face ID as not functioning as protective as the company had urged with the fancy masks being capable of defeating the security.

It is tough to witness as to how a final camera breakdown could give rise to the problems related to Face ID provided its location. Previously many of the Apple’s iPhone X users have come up connecting the breakdown of the Face ID with the back camera of the phone. One of the users of the company’s phone commented on Reddit soon post to the launch of the iPhone X that the rear camera of the phone and the Face ID ceased to function simultaneously and that some of the features of the camera such as the time-lapse, pano, and slow-mo still were working, but the other features did not function. That same iPhone X user got to witness a message every time he tried using the Face ID, which showed up, “Face ID is not available, try again later.”

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