Apple rolls out IOS 11.2.1 for iPhone, iPad

Published on January 14, 2018

Apple has reportedly started the official rollout of its latest IOS 11.2.1 software update for both, iPhone and iPad devices. The time gap between the previous update and the recent one is pretty short, as the IOS 11.2 update was made available only a week earlier. For those who aren’t aware, this is the eighth such update that Apple has rolled out since the time the Cupertino technology made its IOS 11 available for use.

Apple rolls out IOS 11.2.1 for iPhone, iPad

The latest update consists of minor changes, with the most notable one being the fact that they have restored remote access in HomeKit for shared users after Apple disabled it earlier this month as a vulnerability fix. Apart from this, the firm also made the tvOS 11.2.1 available for use, which features a related fix as well.

According to a report published by India Today, the latest IOS 11 update has been the most affected OS in the history of software systems released by Apple. Users have been facing a wide range of problems ever since the IOS 11 was rolled out to users. These issues range from autocorrect bugs to display freezing options and more.

“The Cupertino giant has been rolling out minor updates to fix the bugs, only to discover more issues cropping up,” notes India Today. As far as the HomeKit vulnerability is concerned, it was reported earlier this month. The vulnerability pretty much enabled unauthorized users with direct access to smart home accessories.

The Cupertino technology giant was quick to release a fix for the issue. Their solution to the problem was to disable remote access for shared users in the HomeKit itself. However, with the launch of the latest iOS 11.2.1 update, the HomeKit accessibility will now restore remote access functionality. The update is reportedly about 60MB to 70MB in size. It also goes on to release a fix for an autofocus issue.

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Apple rolls out IOS 11.2.1 for iPhone, iPad
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