Apple patents ‘Wireless Power Transfer System’

Published on December 29, 2017

Earlier this week, it was reported by numerous media publications that a start-up called ‘Energous’ had successfully received FCC certification for their first-generation ‘Watt Up Mid Field’ transmitter. The new system is known to power up electronic gadgets even from a distance, provided that the distance should be three feet or less.

According to a report published by Venture Beat, after the news spread on the internet like a fire, Apple’s fresh patent filing showed up. The Cupertino technology giant has filed two separate patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that describe a similar accessory.

As noted by Mac Rumors, these patents haven’t been able to confirm anything as of yet. To recall, rumors and speculations regarding Energous being directly involved with Apple have been taking the rounds since early 2015. Little did we know, the two would be working on developing a “truly wireless charging solution” for future Apple smartphones and other types of devices.

The first patent was originally covered by Patently Apple. The report by Mac Rumors suggests that the patent go on to describe, “a way of creating custom schedules for a charger capable of sending power to multiple devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and watches over a “wireless power transfer link.”

“The power profiler works so as to remember the order of priority for charging the devices – if the user wants their Apple Watch to be fully charged before their iPad, for instance,” the report by Mac Rumors further added.

Details regarding the second patent are not known as yet. However, the second patent also describes a wireless power transmitting device. As per its description, the device will be able to function as a standalone adaptor by sending power to the linked device. The receiving device is described as being capable of pausing wireless power transmission and sending information back to the power source if necessary.

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Apple patents ‘Wireless Power Transfer System’
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