Apple May Introduce a New Telescopic Telephoto Lens in The iPhone 12

Published on October 9, 2019
A new patent file of Apple suggests a new next-generation camera setup in the upcoming iPhone 12. Just after the launch of the iPhone 11 with the newly introduced telephoto lens the company is in buzz to come up with an upgraded and most advanced lens in the iPhone 12. A telescopic camera for better functioning of the optical telephoto lens without a bigger camera bump will make it more efficient for photography and optics.

It seems alike to the Huawei P30 Pro which managed to trace a 5x telephoto lens: by stacking lenses lengthwise within the phone’s body and using a mirror to angle the shot out of the phone’s back panel. You may find that Apple is chasing Huawei but surely the company will going to adapt most out of that and will deliver that with their own inventions and additions.

Image Credit: Techradar

The US Patent and Trademark Office two patents to Apple on Tuesday – the first one is of a “folded lens system with five refractive lenses” and the second one for a lens with “three refractive lenses.” The below-mentioned paperwork includes the diagram. The point to be noted is the shorter end is facing out of the back of the phone.

It is still not clear whether the tech will feature the upcoming iPhone 12 or not but this is true that the company is actually trying to make it possible. Apple is looking to improvise the photography capabilities of its next flagship handsets.

Getting higher magnification which we usually call the superior to digital zoom is something common but serving that without making the phone more thicker is the challenge that Apple is reportedly working on.

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