Apple is grooming its tech-circuits into asocial network by hitting directly to Facebook

Published on June 4, 2019

This fall will bring with it iOS 13. And, will mark a historic evolution for the Apple Company. But with this advancement in mobile technology, sharing contents containing sensitive photos, videos or one way record is turning into a nightmare these days. No user around the world would want his or her personal information to remain with the developers. The human millennial generation wants to return back to good older times when everything was encrypted in a traditional method.

Image Courtesy: TechCrunch

But the underground roots of this entire broadcast system lies here only. If you do not find engagements of your content, you will subsequently fall short of profits and clients. To score well on online platform, you will need traffic and that is obtained only from sharing it more. So, this time Apple has vouched to include some changes that will definitely turn the iOS into a social network platform. It will make use of the tools available in Facebook but will not pressurize to over share the contents. Apple has confirmed that like the third party sign in pops while logging in from another browser in Google, in the same way if any third party tries to log in, it will ask for Apple Sign in. it also helps in hiding the e-mail addresses from the developers.

Apple has always made promissory notes on privacy settings. That is why it has made Face ID encryption and message encryption stringent.  But the background music runs for its products to work. The settings are thus developed from a flat surface. The company wants it users to come out of the sharing zone and get better output by sharing less. Still today, Apple is not able to build social networks that could have been made with Apple Music Connect, Ping and iMessage. With the release of iOS 13, Apple has made sure that the company believes in integrating the privacy of every human using it. What will happen in the inner configuration is that, when you start using the Share Sheet, Apple will recommend you with people whom you are in touch the most. With some scanty taps, you can only share the photo or video with your closest ones than spreading it more with Facebook or Instagram.

All that Facebook or Instagram will not let you do, Apple will. You cannot download a video or photo unless you post it to the feed. But, Apple will allow you to edit for color, lighting, contrast and for more rotate clips. Apart from this entire thing, you will be amazed to know about the Air Pods audio sharing. You can now share music with your friends and dear ones privately.

Privacy has been the major upsurge in the mainstream consumerism. Building products and platforms that contain privacy options at the top of the list are highly given chance to stay in the market. Retail stores turn into shiny sheets only when appropriate steps are taken to store the private things of an individual in a mobile phone or gadgets.

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