Apple is Changing How You End Calls on iOS 17 – And We Hate It

Published on August 11, 2023

Brace yourselves for a shakeup that’s poised to mess with your head—yes, we’re talking about the impending Apple software overhaul, iOS 17, set to drop like a bombshell next month.

Apple iOS 17. Credit: sdx15/Shutterstock

Now, you might think, “What’s the fuss?” Well, let me tell you, dear reader, that this update is about to flip the script on a few key apps nestled within your trusty iPhones. We’ve all got our cozy routines, sailing through the sea of everyday tasks with muscle memory so fine-tuned it’s practically on autopilot.

But wait for it… the twist lies in the fact that this update might just sneak in a curveball that has us performing a wild dance of unintended actions. Imagine thinking you’re sending a text, and suddenly, whoops, you’re making a call. iOS 17, the software wizard, is ready to spin its magic around mid-September, turning the iPhone’s phone app into a carnival of updates.

And the star of this show? The phone app’s design, ladies and gentlemen. Brace yourselves for a new look that’ll shuffle that trusty hang-up button—the ultimate weapon in our dramatic exit arsenal. Picture it: right now, it’s nestled cozily at the bottom of the phone app, like a reliable guard dog stationed below the buttons for adding calls, muting, or dialing the keypad.

But, and here comes the twist, iOS 17 is all set to scoop up that button and parade it along the bottom right of the screen, where it’ll rub shoulders with its functional buddies—though, I’ll have you know, its fiery red hue isn’t going anywhere. The developers, those behind-the-scenes maestros, have already gifted the beta version to their kindred spirits since its release in July.

And as is tradition, the social media sphere buzzes with predictably vibrant reactions from Apple aficionados who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. One user laments, “iOS 17 goes and switches up the FaceTime button with the trusty ol’ end call button. RIP, muscle memory.” Someone else chimes in, “Apple’s out here playing a merry game of hide-and-seek with the end call button, and we’re already not having it.”

Of course, there’s a twist within a twist—someone points out the predicament for the southpaws among us. “Left-handed folks are caught in the crossfire,” they exclaim, a cloud of concern hanging over their words. But then, oh, the plot thickens. “I’ve given it a whirl,” says a brave soul who’s plunged into the new design headfirst. “It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike again, but trust me, it’s a better neighborhood for the button, especially if you’re sporting a phablet.”

In the grand spectacle of opinions, others cheer for the fresh layout with gusto. “It’s high time! I’ve cut calls short while trying to unlock my phone because that pesky end call button camped at the bottom.” Time for an iPhone boot camp, it seems, to whip those digital muscles into shape and awaken them from their slumber.

Apple, the grand conductor of this tech symphony, whispers sweet nothings about iOS 17, promising a feast of “new features to sprinkle some fairy dust on your everyday routines.” Imagine creating your very own ‘contact posters,’ a more refined autocorrect that’s got your back, and a ‘StandBy’ mode to cradle your device in its virtual arms. The stage is set, the curtains are drawn, and iOS 17 is primed to make its grand entrance. Will you be in the front row, ready to embrace the twist and turns? The choice is yours, intrepid readers.

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