Apple is building its Health-focused Processor

Published on August 21, 2018

Apple Inc’s latest smartwatch has already got the optical sensing capabilities to detect the heart rate as well as other health issues. The company is now beefing that it has got the team which will explore to make their health-centred chips, as per CNBC.


According to some reports, the Cupertino, which is a California-based device that has got a dedicated team which works on a custom processor which is especially focused on the healthcare monitoring. The building of the healthcare ship is now being explored by the Apple to have some better interpretation health information which can be collected from various sensors which can be integrated into the Apple devices.

Another post in which there a series of job openings which is over the last two months on Apple’s recruitment portal. This post shows that the Apple needed some developers for Sensor ASIC architects to help to develop the ASIC’s for the new sensors with a sensing system for the future Apple products. It is one of the lists that required for the hiring an engineer who can help to develop the health, fitness as well as wellness sensors.

On building the in-house along with the electronic modules, it allows some several benefits. It will make way for the addition with some customized features with some greater control as well as protection of the intellectual property rights for all kind of new offerings, freedom from dependence which is on outside of the suppliers. It will also improve the efficiency of the hardware modules. This kind of specialized chips can able to process the data specifically which is meant for the particular stream which includes the measuring of the distance travelled. This kind of customized processors will keep the main processor free for the core work of the device management along with the other necessary functions. It will deliver the better performance which is from the device which helps in reducing the power consumption.

Some of the Apple has already got a variety of health tracking features which includes device users that can track the cardiac health, quality of sleep as well as exercise. Some of the other features that are offered are the use of the components which are supplied by the partner firms which are like the Beddit.

During the last year, it is seen that other tech giants like Alphabet Inc’s Google have also unveiled the customized processor for the hardware security for the cloud computing as well as Inc also developing the chips for Alexa.

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