Apple iPhone X Series vs. iPhone 11 Series: What’s New

Published on September 14, 2019

As all Apple lovers know that Apple event took place on Tuesday in California, Apple introduced its iPhone 11 Series i.e. iPhone11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The best features that the iPhone was introduced with was its A13 Bionic processor, multiple rear cameras and video tools. The cost of the iPhone 11 Series is almost the same as your previous iPhone X Series. You can have your new iPhone 11 in your pockets on September 20.

The falling sale of iPhone is due to its competitors in the market. Samsung is giving a tough competition to Apple till now. People are switching their choice from iOS to Android so Apple has come up with new techniques in the market so that it can resist its position. Now Apple has many new features on the iPhone so that it can attract its new customers too. People are more attracted towards Samsung as it is taking the hearts of many people because of its attractive looks. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is attractive and cheap.

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The major changes that the iPhone 11 have in is their camera pixels of both back and front camera and one more camera is also added in this series of iPhone 11 which is telephoto. The processor is also been increased in this series.

Now, if we compare the iPhone X series with iPhone 11 Series then we can see changes made by the Apple company in their new arrival. If we talk about the display of the screen then there is no change in the display and resolution of all the iPhone X Series and iPhone 11 Series. The processor of the new iPhone 11 Series has increased to A13 Bionic whereas iPhone X Series had A12 Binoc processor. The Software has also upgraded in iPhone 11 Series i.e. iOS 13 and iPhone X Series had iOS 12.

The battery backup of iPhone 11 Series is of approx 20 hours with video playback whereas iPhone X Series had of 16 hours with video playback.

The major change that iPhone has come up with is the camera, they introduced a telephoto camera in iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max of 12 megapixels whereas iPhone X Series only had 12 megapixels wide and ultra-wide camera. The front-facing camera in iPhone 11 Series is of 12 megapixels with Face ID on the contrary iPhone X Series had 7 megapixels with Face ID.

The price of the iPhone 11 according to USD is $699(64GB), $749(128GB), $849(256GB); iPhone 11 Pro is of $999(64GB), $1,149(256GB), $1,349(512GB); iPhone 11 Pro Max is $1,099(64GB), $1,249(256GB), $1,449(512GB). The reduced price if iPhone X are $599(64GB), $649(128GB); iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are no longer still the reduced price are $999(64GB), $1,149(256GB), $1,349(512GB) of XS and $1,099(64GB), $1,249(256GB), $1,449(512GB).

There is no major change in the iPhone 11 Series expect the camera quality and telephoto. So, if you are planning to switch your smartphone then you should have a look over the features of the new iPhone 11 Series.

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