Apple iOS 11’s nasty secret feature discovered

Published on December 20, 2017

Apple announced its latest IOS 11 system at the annual WWDC event back in July this year. The next-level operating system was made available to IOS users by September. There are a lot of new additions made by the company through this method. The OS includes changes made to the control center, Apple’s official app store and the device’s user interface as well. According to the latest report by Forbes, the system also arrives with a nasty, secret feature which the Cupertino technology giant doesn’t want to talk about.

Apple iOS 11’s nasty secret feature discovered

Two expert individuals discovered the field – Primate Labs researcher, Mr. John Poole, and IOS developer, Mr. Guilherme Rambo. Poole first found the vital performance link between IOS and the devices (iPhones, iPads) that it runs on. Whereas, Rambo followed up Poole’s work and discovered Apple’s secret power tool in IOS code.

By the research conducted by Poole, it can be concluded that a change in the battery of the iPhone device can significantly improve the performance of the same. In other words, iPhone’s battery is created using a material that subtly slows down the device’s performance. The problem discovered by Poole has been prevailing since 2015. However, it became even “more pronounced” after the introduction of IOS 11.2.

IOS developer Rambo was naturally intrigued by Poole’s discovery and thus, decided to pursue the problem himself. He later found ‘Powerd’ in the IOS code, which is “responsible for controlling the CPU/GPU speed/power usage on the device’s battery health. In other words, the iPhone’s battery life degrades as the usage increases. This forces individuals to replace the old device with a newer one. Forbes apparently reached out to Apple for a comment on this discovery. However, they haven’t provided any response as yet.

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