Apple iOS 11.3 update is going to be a big one

Published on March 26, 2018

Apple will be rolling out its latest IOS 11.3 update for its iPhone devices soon enough. The pressure on the Cupertino technology giant is immense at the moment. The company is working towards delivering satisfactory solutions to one of the biggest iPhone scandals.

As can be recalled, it was discovered earlier this week that the company was consciously ageing its iPhone batteries so that they could be replaced by newer ones. On the similar lines, the company is facing a race against time to fix the severe bug before the consumers drop the idea of purchasing any more Apple products. Therefore, experts believe that Apple will treat the IOS 11.3 update as their significant step.

As rightfully put by Forbes, “IOS 11.3 update will change the game when it comes to battery transparency.” The update, as per the report, will be offering a wide variety of detailed-down information about the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and its battery. Battery information will include its health, its degradation over time, reminders to replace the battery, newer performance options and things that can be done to promote stability.

Apple is reportedly slapping with over 60 class action lawsuits in America and investigations around the world over their product’s battery health is carried out. This outrage has led Apple to consider highlighting the battery feature seriously. “Make no mistake, once word spreads, users of rivals platforms will demand the functionality iOS 11.3 brings to their operating system of choice,” notes the report by Forbes.

In other words, even Android smartphone users will be expected to become as responsible as Apple as far as the battery health of their devices is concerned. Redmond technology giant Microsoft will have to do the same when it comes to their laptops and convertibles.

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