Apple iOS 11.3 is filled with bugs, Users are enraged

Published on April 16, 2018

Apple recently released its latest iOS 11.3 software update. The company has been under scrutiny since the beginning of this year ever since they were found intentionally slowing down iPhone devices. Earlier this year, it was discovered that the Cupertino smartphone manufacturer was integrating its iPhone devices with a battery that would tend to slow down with time. The company was carrying this act out with the intention of prolonging the age of iPhone’s battery. However, the Tim Cook-led firm was doing so without the consent of its users. Following which, the obvious took place, and hell broke loose. Consumers were extremely dissatisfied with the reports, and many of them even went on to file class-action lawsuits against the multi-million dollar company. Following increasing amount of stories, the company went ahead and stated that they would be releasing a fix to the problem in their software update.

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The solution to the problem was supposed to be riled in within the iOS 11.3 update, which was rolled out sometime earlier this month. However, it appears that the software update continues to consist of problems. According to a report by Forbes, the next-generation software update is reportedly filled with bugs. The report further claims that it has another nasty surprise for its users. Citing information from PiunikaWeb, it appears that a large number of iPhone and iPad owners are complaining that the iOS 11.3 update has started distorting and skipping audio.

The problem arises when users are playing content on music playback, phone, Facetime calls and even podcasts. “The complaints can be seen across social media (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – there are hundreds to @AppleSupport) and have sparked angry discussions on Apple’s own Support Communities’ forum (1,2,3,4,5,6),” the report by Forbes reads. Here is a good example of what users are experiencing: “Ever since updating to 11.3, my iPhone 7 has been having the same audio issues. After about 30 seconds, the audio cuts off, then comes back totally garbled. This move has happened with music and podcasts, and it just happened while I was on the phone. 30 seconds into my call, the audio cut[s] off, then came back slow and stuttering, eventually resolving itself. never had an issue with this update.”

It appears that the software problem has become a pattern with Apple’s iPhone devices. The problem is apparently taking place with most of the iPhone devices, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 models along with their iPhone Plus counterparts. It is interesting to note that the same problem is not affecting the latest generation of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X smartphones. “Needless to say, with all the accusations of Apple’s ‘planned obsolescence’ circling at present, this is not the right timing for a severe problem which only impacts older iPhones,” notes the report by Forbes.

The problem apparently continues to persist with the iOS 11.3 update as well. However, the issue is limited to iPhones, whose screens were repaired by third parties. It is essential for the Cupertino technology giant goes on to release a dedicated iOS 11.3.1 bug fix as soon as possible. Since the iOS 11.4 update has only recently entered beta testing, the users will end up waiting for a long time. The Cupertino technology giant goes on to expect users to pay extra for its upcoming new iPhone devices. At the same time, it needs to prove that they care about their consumers and are not entirely relying on hardware to impress them.

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