Apple to improve workflow for developers with newer acquisitions

Published on January 3, 2018

Apple seems to be on an acquisition spree at the moment. The Cupertino technology giant has reportedly purchased yet another start-up. This time, the company is in possession of a company, which goes by the name of Buddy Build that offers services to aid app developers with user testing and iteration.

According to a report published by Ars Technica, Apple plans on integrating the Vancouver-based start-up with its X-Code engineering division. The Cupertino giant has been working towards creating newer tools and features for its IOS developers since a very long time. It is unclear exactly what form will these possible innovations be taking in the near future.

However, it appears to be highly likely that they will revolve around debugging and collecting user feedback. Apart from this, it is also known that before being acquired by Apple, Buddy Build used to offer similar services and products. This is an additional indication that the company is working towards creating such tools for its consumers. The company also recently acquired another tool-oriented start-up called Test Flight, which works towards allowing app developers to share test beta app builds amongst each other.

The Tim Cook-led company has always been the kind to create a highly positive environment for its app developers. In a similar effort, Apple works towards providing developers with powerful tools so that they come up with better innovations. Apple also takes consumer and app developers’ feedback seriously during the process.

“Each time Apple succeeds in attracting developers to build an app experience that is unique to its ecosystem, it’s a win from Apple’s perspective,” the report by Ars Technica reads. Thanks to this effort applied by Apple, they are able to produce better features for iPhone devices. Last year’s iPhone X is a living proof of this statement. The smartphone came packed with features like the True Depth camera and numerous other AR components due to this.

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