Apple HomeKit vulnerable: Leaves locks, cameras open for months

Published on December 21, 2017

Apple launched the HomeKit to ensure that the owners’ home experience is convenient and secure. However, the latest vulnerability discovered by an expert that goes by the name of ‘Khaos Tian’ suggests otherwise. The company’s HomeKit home automation platform, by Tian’s discovery, seems to leave the owner’s locks and cameras of the home unlocked for over a month. If you are planning on using your Apple Watch to open your garage, then you might want to think twice.

Apple HomeKit vulnerable- Leaves locks, cameras open for months

According to a report by Venture Beat, which quotes developer Tian as saying that the HomeKit home automation platform was specifically designed to ensure maximum privacy and security for its users. This level of security and confidentiality required users to be more than accessories with Apple-approved security components.

However, the HomeKit itself consisted of a significant security hole. The developer talks about his concerns regarding Apple’s ignorance on the matter on Medium. According to the information provided by Tian, HomeKit accessories and its set of encryption tools are highly insecure by nature. Apple Watches which are based on watch OS 4.0 or later stand the chance of being hacked by a potential criminal. If he can access the Apple Home System, then in no time will the hacker be able to gain access to your house.

It is because of the vulnerability in Apple’s HomeKit that the hacker will be able to gain complete access over the different functions of your home – including controlling the lights, unlocking doors and even private information stored in the Cloud. Tian claims to have submitted the problem for reviewing to the Apple Product Security. However, the company hasn’t fixed the problem as yet. He accused the engineers at Apple of having only further widened the security hole in HomeKit furthermore.

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