Apple explains why iPhone batteries are slowed down; ensures new measures

Published on December 29, 2017

The technology news section is currently flooded with news report regarding Apple’s iPhone line-up being intentionally slowed down by the company and how angry users are suing the Cupertino giant for the same. The rage-fueled furthermore when Apple admitted to this accusation. According to a report by BGR, Apple has finally apologized for the slowdown scandal.


The company through the means of a rather lengthy letter addressed its followers on Thursday, 28th December 2017, explaining them exactly why the iPhone devices were integrated with older batteries that would eventually slow the handset’s performance down. The company, to the relief of many, even announced new measures meant to specifically address these concerns.

The company has stated that they plan on conducting a battery replacement program for all those smartphones that are currently out-of-warranty. Although, this procedure is not exactly free of charge, replacing the batteries is going to become cheaper than ever before. Previously, smartphone users were required to pay around $79 to get the batteries of their handsets replaced.

After the announcement made by Apple, the users will only be expected to pay a sum of $25 to get their batteries replaced. The price is stable in all the markets. This battery replacement program conducted at official Apple stores is scheduled to begin as soon as next week. Apart from this, the Cupertino technology giant is going a step further in ensuring that its fans remain loyal.

The company plans on launching newer IOS features that will enable owners to have increased visibility on exactly what is happening with regard to the handset’s battery. Many consider Apple’s apology as not up to the mark. The Cupertino giant is being criticized for not owning up to the mistake that they took such a huge step without the consent of its users. Smartphone users definitely don’t want to be ripped off, unless they are really stupid. No one wants a feature on their device that makes the handset’s age shorter.

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